Sensory Seekers LLC

Sensory Seekers

An Inclusive Sensory Play Gym for Children

We believe children learn best through PLAY. At Sensory Seekers children will discover ways to keep their minds, bodies, and imagination active and happy!

85 Manchester Street

Concord, New Hampshire


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Welcome to Sensory Seekers


  • Sensory Seekers will be closed on July 4th! Happy Independence Day America!
  • Baby Yoga starts July 12th at 9:00 weekly
  • Story Time Yoga starts July 14th 10:00 bi-weekly

Open Gym Times:

Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00

Closed from 1:00-2:00 for cleaning daily!

  •          Sunday's Reserved for Birthday Parties and Private Events
  •             *20 children max in our gym. Please reserve your gym time before heading to the gym to make sure we have space.

We are a shoe Free Facility! Please remember socks for adults. Kids get to choose. Anti- Slip socks are needed for children if they choose to wear socks.

Holiday Hours:


New Year’s Day January 2nd

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day and Monday 26th

July 4th

Labor Day

Memorial Day

Closed Early

Halloween, closes at 4pm

Christmas Eve, closes at 12pm

New Year’s Eve, closes at 12pm



Open Gym- 

Access to the gym for open play

Birthday Parties

Have your Birthday Party at Sensory Seekers! Sunday's are reserved for all private events.

Your Party would be a private event. You would have the space for 2hrs.

Birthday party for members are $185.00 non-members is $225.00 Food allowed in designated area. Only water is allowed for drinks.

Ask about theme parties at the gym. (additional fee may apply)


6-24-22 Tactile Sensory Play Class 10:00

6-29-22 Music Class 11:00

July Classes and Special Events:

July1st: Art Class 10:00

July 6th: Music Class 11:00

July 7th: Karla's Creative Movement 11:00

July 8th: Art Class 10:00

July 9th: Dinosaur Day Theme All day event

July 11th: New Movement Class 10:00

July 12th: Baby Yoga 9:00

July 13th: Music Class 11:00

July 14th: Story Time Yoga 10:00

July 15th: Art Class 10:00

July 15th: Nerf War 6:00-8:00

July 19th: Baby Yoga 9:00

July 20th Music Class 10:00

July 22nd Art Class 10:00

July 23rd: Disney Themed Dance 6:00-8:00

July 26th: Baby Yoga 9:00

July 27th: Music Class 11:00

July 28th Story Time Yoga 10:00

July 29th: Art Class 10:00

Book Your Gym Time Today: 

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Member Benefits

Full access to the gym

First access to schedule gym time

  Special events and classes included in membership

We have 2 options for memberships:

3-month commitment auto billed monthly

$45.00 a month for 1 child

$55.00 a month for 2 children

$65.00 a month for 3 or more children

6-month Commitment auto billed monthly

$35.00 a month for 1 child

$45.00 a month for 2 children

$55.00 a month for 3 or more children

Memberships are all inclusive unlimited open gym, classes and special events included.



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Drop-in rate: $16.00 for two hours. $10.00 for one hour of gym time per child. 

Please Read:

Sensory Seekers


Be mindful and have fun!!

• Before entering the sensory gym space for the first time, the parent or guardian must read and sign a waiver. 

•  Masks wearing is up to the individual families at Sensory Seekers.

• Everyone must sanitize hands after removing shoes.

• Frequent hand sanitizing is encouraged.

• A parent or guardian must remain with the child.

• All children are to be accompanied by an adult in the restroom, gym space, and during activities.

• Diaper changes only in the restroom. Be sure each child washes their hands thoroughly.

• No food or drink is allowed in the gym space.

• Everybody must remove their shoes before playing in the gym or participating.

• Adults are required to wear socks.

• Children may wear socks or go barefoot, creating an authentic sensory experience. Anti slip socks or bare feet are preferred.

• A staff member on the floor will demonstrate proper equipment use as needed. However, you are solely responsible for the safety and well-being of your children. You must supervise your children at all times.

• Equipment is only to be utilized in its regular intended use.

You must listen to and abide by Sensory Seekers LLC, staff member’s instructions.

• When other patrons are waiting to use a swing or other equipment, please limit your use.

• Therapists who actively work with a child in the gym space are not subject to time restrictions on equipment.

• During therapy sessions, certain pieces of equipment may not be available. Respect other patrons by refraining from electronics (camera, cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) unless necessary.

• If you must take a call, keep your ringer and voice volume low.

• Be courteous of other patrons and do not bring sick children to Sensory Seekers LLC.

• Help us all stay healthy and promptly clean up any bodily discharge. Notify a staff member if you need assistance.

• Sensory Seekers LLC is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of personal effects. This includes, but is not limited to items placed on the shoe rack or items lost/damaged while playing.

• At its discretion, Sensory Seekers can refuse to allow the use of its facilities and equipment to anyone it so chooses.

• Sensory Seekers LLC reserves the right to close the gym for private events. Be sure to call or check online first.

• Violation of Policies and Procedures may result in having to leave Sensory Seekers..


You do not want to miss this!

Upcoming Events:

  •  June 25th 5:00-7:00 Glow Night. Come dressed in colors that will glow under the black lights.
  • July 9th: All day event. Dinosaur Day at the gym! you are welcome to come dressed in your best dinosaur attire or costume. We will have games, activities and crafts to go with this theme.
  • July 15th: Nerf War 6:00-8:00
  • July 23rd: Disney themed dance 6:00-8:00 Come dressed in your favorite Disney themes costumes or clothes and enjoy music and dancing at the gym.
  • August 6th: Pirate Day at the gym! this will be an all-day event. We will have games, activities and crafts to go with this theme.

All Events are Free to Members unless noted otherwise.

Sensory Seekers donates scholarships to children whose families cannot afford a membership and to children in the foster care system. We need you help to continue to keep this program open. Any amount helps.