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Become a Member the benefits are great!

Members get unlimited access to the gym.

Members can attend all classes and special events without an extra charge.

Members can access the scheduling and gym time from an app (Memberme+) .

Becoming a member saves you money. 

We have 2 options for memberships:

3-month commitment auto billed monthly

$45.00 a month for 1 child

$55.00 a month for 2 children

$65.00 a month for 3 or more children

6-month Commitment auto billed monthly

$35.00 a month for 1 child

$45.00 a month for 2 children

$55.00 a month for 3 or more children

Memberships are all inclusive unlimited open gym, classes and special events included.

Pre- Paid Cards


Not sure you want to become a member? 

How about saving money with a pre-paid card!

Pre- paid card for 5 visits ( 1 visit equals a 2 hour block of time) $65.00 

Pre- Paid cards for 10 visits (1 visit equals a two hour block of time) $120.00

Pre-Paid Cards make great gifts!!

Please note: Pre -paid cards do not qualify for first access to the gym. 

Drop-In Rate

Want to try us out first? 

No problem we also offer a drop-in rate.

Drop-in Rate is $16.00 for 2 hours of play or $10.00 for 1-hr per child.



Music Class

Join us for music!

The music class would consist of an music instructor who will provide different instruments for your child to explore with. While the instructor leads a fun music and movement time; children are welcome to come and go to the gym and back. At Sensory Seekers we understand that some children's auditory processing system might only be able to handle music for a limited amount of time.

Movement Class

Process Art Class

Come Experience Art on a new level!

Our Process Art class will allow your child to experience making art with a variety of materials and tools. This class is not about the product but the experience. We will never all make a duck that looks the same, but we might paint with feathers.

As with our other classes, children are free to come and go. We understand that tactile stimulation can be hard for some children, and we are here to help them grow in this area on their terms.

Tactile Sensory Play: Ooey Gooey Play

The fun of Ooey Gooey play! This class will explore different tactile textures that usually make a mess! Things like slime, water beads, shaving cream, foam, and so much more. Come allow your child to experience a variety of tactile experience in our facility and keep your home clean!