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Welcome to Sensory Seekers

Sensory Seekers is a specialized designed space  that offers 8 different swings, crash pit, climbing structures, slides, scooters, and a tactile area that has  water play, sand play, and a painting  wall.

 The gym offers a variety of benefits: calming effects,

stimulation, socialization, improved focus, motor skills development, cognitive development, and sensory development. 

 Sensory gyms have been proven to help with fine motor skills, body awareness, increased social skills as well as improve muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

Our dedicated staff will help guide children and parents through activities involving swings, therapy balls, crash pits, tunnels, climbing structures with slide, and many more tools to help children become more confident with sudden changes in their environment. 

   All activities are meant to have less risk, which fosters calmness, and thus, learning becomes enjoyable

What to Expect


  • Clean & Safe Environment
  • A place parents never have to apologize for their child
  • Staff willing to help you and your child have a great time playing
  • Compassion for your child
  • A place we encourage the parents to play right along with their child

Let your child be a sensory seeker! 

Get Started

About Sensory Seekers: 

  • Multi-purpose/open gym – This room includes various specialized swings, climbing structures, Steam Roller Slide (coming Soon), Jumparoo,  and a crash pit.
  • Quiet Room – Children who are becoming over stimulated or dysregulated will find this room offers a calming quite place with noise reduction, calm lighting.
  • Messy Play Area-Come create arts and crafts, make waves in our water play station, or explore the sensory tables (rotated sensory tactile materials' weekly)and work on your fine motor, gross motor and social skills at the same time.

Our Equipment:

  • Specialty Swings for children of all ages – Providing vestibular input, core strengthening for postural control, and increased regulation/focus
  •  Climbing Structure and Rope Tunnel – For complex motor planning and coordination as well as regulation through joint distraction
  • Steam Roller Slide – Providing deep pressure/increased proprioception as well as assisting with motor planning, body awareness and shoulder stability.
  • Sensory and weighted toys – Assisting with sensory integration, auditory processing, regulation/calming, and heavy body work input
  • Crash Pit – Assisting with improved motor planning and sensory input through increased proprioceptive input
  • Messy Paly Area – Assisting with improved fine motor and visual skills

And so much more