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Welcome to Sensory Seekers

Sensory Seekers is a specially designed play space that offers 8 different swings, a crash pit, multiple climbing structures, slides, scooters, a tactile area that includes water play, sand play, and also a painting wall!

Our gym offers children a variety of benefits such as a calming effect,

mental and physical stimulation, socialization, improved focus, development of motor skills, cognitive growth, and sensory development. 

Sensory gyms have been proven to help with fine motor skills, body awareness, increased social skills as well as improved muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

Our dedicated staff will help guide children and parents through activities involving swings, therapy balls, crash pits, tunnels, climbing structures with slides, and many additional tools to help children become more confident with sudden changes in their environment. 


All activities are meant to have less risk, which fosters calmness, and thus, learning becomes enjoyable!

Meet the owner, April.


Let your child be a sensory seeker! 

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